It’s here: equestrian luggage, perfected

It’s a big call, but riders are calling the new Arena Saddles accessories range, "the most extensive, and most practical luggage range ever"!

The range features more than 15 products to organise your equestrian lifestyle

We’ve just unveiled a range of accessories in keeping with our beautifully styled saddles that are renowned for functionality and comfort.

Featuring bags and accessories for you, your horse, your home and your stable, the new collection has everything you need to get organised for your next lesson, clinic or competition.

Even the humble bridle bag features tapering to protect browbands, mesh for post-rinse drainage and pockets for crops and accessories

Preparing for an outing with your horse can sometimes feel like you need to remember – and bring – everything but the kitchen sink…and then cart all the dirty tack and clothing home again. We wanted to make it easier for riders to pack, carry, use and clean their saddlery and accessories, which is why we’ve created this thoughtful collection.

The Arena Saddles accessories range is designed specifically for equestrian pursuits, with revolutionary designs featuring breathable mesh to provide airflow and drainage specifically integrated to minimise the moisture build up that comes from sweaty horse gear.

Fit more in! You never knew you needed a Horse Boot Bag until you saw what could easily fit into this breathable pre and post event, machine-washable super-bag. 

From totes, to garment bags, to saddle pad bags, you’ll find exactly the right carry-all to ensure your riding attire and expensive tack is always perfectly cared for and in its place. Buy one bag or collect the whole range, with essentials such as the Arena Helmet Bag and Arena Tall Boot Bag clipping together to assist you to effortlessly carry your gear.

You’re going to appreciate the durable materials, quality hardware and adjustable straps for easy packing and carting all over the showground. And now that travel prospects have increased, there’s nothing like a set of classy, matching bags to help you stand out from the sea of black and navy overnighters.

The Arena Saddles accessories collection features 16 must-buy products which are available in your favourite saddlery store or online. Go on, be organised this season.